Moomin's Birthday

Moomin's Birthday

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Music box type: Mechanical music box

Note: 18-Note

Movement: Sankyo movement

Material: wood, polyresin, metal

Music: Hana

Size: 100mm*112mm

Moomin Music boxes are completely handmade and were published 2017. The products are completely mechanical, play a tune and figures move with the music. These music boxes were made by using green energy and are eco friendly. The wooden parts are larch, walnut, beech and hard maple.

This music box has a theme that is Moomintrolls birthday party! Moominmamma carries a cake, Moominpappa has juice bottle and Little My is holding a gift. Even the The Hattifatteners are invited!

Moomin music boxes are a perfect gift to someone that likes the Moomins or enjoys a beautiful hand work.


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